At the EGM held 18th March 2017 the sad decision was taken, by a quorum of members who attended, that the Parchment Craft Guild should be wound up with the aim that this will be completed by 31st December 2017. A letter will be sent to all members outlining the decisions made about the realisation and disposal of the assets in the next few weeks.

There will be one more examination intake in September 2017 and anyone wishing to submit a paper for marking MUST inform the Registrar by 1st June 2017 of their intention to submit, so that a decision can be made. If no intent is submitted their paper will not be included for marking. If there are no papers to mark the Guild finances will be wound down sooner.

Joining the Guild

Membership can be obtained upon application, giving your full name, address, telephone number and email address to the Administrator/Newsletter Editor, Mary Price,email: Mary will be happy to advise the proportion of the annual subscription that will be due for the remainder of the year.

Annual membership runs from 1 January - 31 December. Should a member join the Guild after 30 September, he/she will be required to pay from that date up to and including 31 December the following year, i.e., fifteen months.

Guild members receive a quarterly newsletter* containing news, hints and tips and, usually, a pattern. The ultimate aim of the Guild is to guarantee that members' work is of the highest standard that will enhance the craft and show it at its very best. For that reason, although not compulsory, members are encouraged to take the exams and benefit from the opportunity to become familiar with and share new techniques and ideas, and also to develop their skills.

Affiliate, Associate, Graduate and Fellow Membership is achieved by work assessment in exams open to anyone wishing to gain recognition of skill. Full information is available on the Guild Examinations page.

Information for members with additional needs

If you are thinking of joining the Guild but have problems with movement and access, please be advised that the Guild operates by a postal system and we do have a few members who are housebound. The exam papers are sent to you and you may complete these in your own home, in your own time. The challenge is that you need to submit your best work, so will probably have to do each piece a few times to get it to your best work. The Guild aims to give you support if you need it, by articles in the newsletter; telephone support, or, if you are able to make them – Guild days. Area Coordinators organise occasional Guild Days and they will be advertised in the quarterly newsletter. If you would like to attend them, then the best course of action is to contact the organiser to make sure there is wheelchair access available. We are not actually a service provider as these days are run purely voluntarily and are non-profit making. You will see a variety of events advertised on the Guild web site and in the newsletters but not all these are ‘Guild’ events.

*If overseas members opt to receive the Guild Newsletter by email, then they will be eligible to pay the same fee as UK members.


Annual Membership Fees

Fees from UK members are payable by cheque. An online credit card facility has been set up for Overseas Members but a surcharge of £1 will be added. Fees are as follows:

UK Members:        £15

EEC Members:      £20 (£21 by credit card)*

Rest of the World:  £25 (£26 by credit card)*

To pay by credit card please contact the Administrator/Newsletter Editor, Mary Price for details.

*If overseas members opt to receive the Guild Newsletter by email, then they will be eligible to pay the same fee as UK members.

Membership Renewal

Membership is due for renewal on 1 January each year. Download and print membership renewal forms.

If for any reason your membership lapses you can rejoin at any time but you will be required to pay the full subscription for the year you rejoin in order to re-instate your membership. please contact the Administrator/Newsletter Editor, Mary Price for further clarification.

All subscription income received by the Guild is placed in a trust account and used to pay for the Newsletter and other Guild expenses.