Frequently Asked Questions

If I join the Guild do I have to take the Guild exams?

   The Guild exams are not compulsory.

I am taking the Guild exams but need help with my techniques.

   The Guild Book contains guidance and step-by-step illustrations on all of the techniques required in the

    exam papers. Instructions for submitting your papers is also available on the Exams page. Your Area

    Coordinator will also be able to help you improve your techniques.

Does the Guild hold workshops and classes?

   The Guild Area Coordinators hold workshops and Guild Days. Fellows of the Guild Committee quite often

    participate in these workshops and provide help and assistance in the form of demonstrations. The

    Guild Committee members also participate in parchment craft exhibitions and are always ready to

    answer questions and give help on techniques

How often is the newsletter sent?

   The Guild Newsletter is issued quarterly - March, June, September and December.

How is the newsletter sent?

   The Guild Newsletter is sent by post and by email. Members who prefer to receive an electronic copy by

    email should contact the Newsletter Editor.

New to the Craft?

If you are new to the craft or thinking of having a go, we have a large list of qualified tutors in almost almost all areas of the UK , Australia, Canada and the USA. All our tutors are members of the Guild. Perhaps you would like to think about becoming a member of the Guild. The Guild has area coordinators scattered throughout the UK and abroad who are always available to give hep and advice. They also organise Guild days and workshops which provide an excellent opportunity to spend a day with likeminded crafters and learn new techniques and improve on others. The Guild also offers exams at four different levels of expertise. The exams are not compulsory for members but you must be a member to take  the exams. For more information, go to our membership page.  

Your questions...

If you have a question please contact us. We will be happy to answer it. and will also include it in our list of FAQs.

Guild Book

Guild Techniques Book

The Guild Techniques Book has proved to be very popular and a great help to members taking their exams. It is also a great aid to perfecting your techniques even if you are not taking the exams. There are still copies available. Please contact Kingfisher Crafts if you would like to order a copy.