The Parchment Craft Guild Area Coordinators

The Guild has area coordinators scattered throughout the UK and abroad who are always available to give help and advice. They also organise Guild days and workshops which provide an excellent opportunity to spend a day with likeminded crafters and learn new techniques and improve on others. The current Coordinators are:

Susan Foster, North West

Susan Foster
Coordinator for the North West

Susan was introduced to parchment when her sister in-law showed her some cards she had received. At the time Susan didn't feel she was a crafty person, although she had knitted and embroidered since school. She got a book from the library and became hooked. She then found a teacher in her area, Dorothy Stringer, who has encouraged everything Susan has done since. Susan joined the Guild then, in 2008, passed the Affiliate paper and the Associate paper in 2009. She became a PCA tutor in 2010 and a Pergamano tutor in 2011 when she also passed the Graduate paper. Since then she has been trying for the Fellow paper. Susan also enjoys playing about with patterns and trying to improve on them. She hopes to meet fellow parchers in her area and help them any way she can.

Maggie Byford, North East

Maggie Byford
Coordinator for the North-East

Maggie has been parching since 2003 and her first tutors were Anne Quinn, Anne Rowntree and Ann Bowman. She is an Associate of the Guild and has been teaching full day parchment craft classes regularly as an independent tutor since 2007. Maggie is also a registered Pergamano Demonstrator and exhibits and demonstrates at the Harrogate and Bristol Parchment Craft Exhibitions. Maggie also teaches at her home in West Yorkshire and at a craft shop in North Yorkshire and has previously held three Guild Get Togethers at home.

Rosie Buik, Scotland

Rosie Buik
Coordinator for Scotland

Rosie has been been doing parchment craft for twelve years and works in two craft shops, one in Letham, Angus and the other in Perth. She enjoys being a tutor and the varied travelling to parchment craft event meetings with the many friends throughout the world. Rosie is married with two children. She is looking forward to doing more work to promote the craft in Scotland.

Post Vacant
Coordinator for the Midlands

Coordinator for the South

Position is currently vacant.

Ros Tyler, South West

Ros Tyler
Coordinator for the South West

Ros, who is a professional taxi driver, discovered parchment craft ten years ago when she saw Christine Coleman on television. She later found out about the week-long holiday courses run by Christine Coleman and Allison Yeates and hasn't looked back since. Ros joined the Guild in 2012 and still goes to the holiday courses where she strives to perfect her parchment skills while catching up with fellow parchers. One of her first projects as Coordinator will be to try and get regular meeting groups together, including North Wiltshire.

Mary Price, South East

Mary Price
Coordinator for the South East

After being introduced to Parchment Craft by her daughter, who was then working in a craft shop, Mary was hooked! She joined the Guild and passed the Affiliate exam in 2006, followed by the Associate in 2007 when she also became a registered PCA tutor. Since then Mary has also become a registered Pergamano tutor and an AIPT Level 3 tutor. She passed the Graduate exam in 2008 and is currently striving to achieve a pass at Fellowship level. She enjoys designing, but her first love is teaching others our wonderful craft.Mary looks forward to making contact with fellow parchers in the area and will be happy to always offer whatever help and support she can.

Valerie Walker, Ireland

Valerie Walker
Coordinator for Ireland

Valerie lives in Bangor, Co Down, Northern Ireland. She is married with three grown up children, two sons and a daughter and has three lovely grandchildren. Valerie has been doing Parchment Craft since 1998 and became a Pergamano tutor in April 2002. She has been teaching in the Ards Art Centre in Newtownards since then and also in the Folk and Transport Museum at Cultra, just outside Holywood, as well as in craft shops and one to one. She often does workshops and demos for the WI and church based ladies meetings. A passion for this beautiful craft led Valerie to doing the Guild exams and she is currently a Graduate of the Guild. She is available to help and advise anyone who requires any kind of help with their parchment work.

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