Notice from Registrar

After our recent March intake for exams, I am really pleased to announce that we have a new Graduate member. Very well done to Janet Snudden who produced an exceptional folder of work. Some of the pieces have been selected for the website. Please take a look on the Members' Exam Pieces page in Members' Corner. We also have candidates very close to completing their levels with only a couple of pieces to do and would like to offer commiserations to those that didn’t quite make it.

As you will be aware from the EGM minutes, we have only one more intake for exams and I need to be notified by 1st June in writing (email is fine) of any candidate wishing to submit. Failure to notify me will result in papers being rejected for marking and it would be a real shame should that happen, especially when you will have spent considerable time working those pieces. I will be at the Bristol Parchment Craft Exhibition on 21st May should you have queries and will do my best to help you.

The last exam date is Monday, 4th September 2017.



At the EGM held 18th March 2017 the sad decision was taken, by a quorum of members who attended, that the Parchment Craft Guild should be wound up with the aim that this will be completed by 31st December 2017. A letter will be sent to all members outlining the decisions made about the realisation and disposal of the assets in the next few weeks. Minutes of the EGM are available in the Members area.

There will be one more examination intake in September 2017 and anyone wishing to submit a paper for marking MUST inform the Registrar by 1st June 2017 of their intention to submit, so that a decision can be made. If no intent is submitted their paper will not be included for marking. If there are no papers to mark the Guild finances will be wound down sooner.

Welcome To the Parchment Craft Guild

The Guild was established in 1996 by a group of enthusiasts and aims to maintain high standards in parchment craft and to encourage wider public interest in the craft through appropriate publicity. It is independent of any commercial organisation and is non-profit making.

New to the Craft?


designed by Gail Sydenham

Design by Linda Williams

designed by Linda Williams

These two lovely pieces were designed by Fellows of the Guild.

If you are new to the craft or just thinking of having a go, we have a large list of qualified tutors in almost all areas of the UK , Australia, Canada and the USA. All our tutors are members of the Guild.

Perhaps you would like to think about becoming a member of the Guild. The Guild has area coordinators scattered throughout the UK and abroad who are always available to give help and advice. They also organise Guild Days and workshops, which provide an excellent opportunity to spend a day with likeminded crafters and learn new techniques and improve on others. The Guild also offers exams at four different levels of expertise. The exams are not compulsory for members but you must be a member to take the exams. For more information, go to our examinations page.

Members' Area

As the name implies, the Members' Area is for Guild members only. Login to look through the gallery of examination pieces that have been worked by Fellows of the Guild.

There is also a members gallery dedicated to the display of specially selected examination pieces submitted by members. These pieces have impressed the judges either for their skilful execution and/or the quality of the work and presentation.

The members' area also contains news and information, downloadable copies of old newsletters, free patterns, posters and other Guild documents.

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Closure of the Guild...

Minutes of the EGM are available in the Members area


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